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Nasi lemak

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Nasi lemak (Jawi: ناسي لمق)
is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish; Brunei; Singapore; Riau Islands; and Southern Thailand. It is not to be confused with nasi dagang sold in the Malaysian east coast states of Terengganu and Kelantan although both dishes can usually be found sold side by side for breakfast. However, because of the nasi lemak's versatility in being able to be served in a variety of manners, it is now served and eaten any time of the day.

Sir Richard Olof Winstedt have written about "nasi lemak" in Malaysia 1909 in his book "The Circumstances of Malay Life". With roots in Malay culture and Malay cuisine, its name in Malay literally means "coconut rice", but is taken in this context to mean "rich" or "creamy". The name is derived from the cooking process whereby rice is soaked in coconut cream and then the mixture steamed. This is the same process used to make a dish from their neighbouring country, Indonesia, which is nasi uduk from Jakarta and nasi gurih from Aceh, therefore those dishes are quite similar. Sometimes knotted screwpine (pandan) leaves are thrown into the rice while steaming to give it more fragrance. Spices such as ginger and occasionally herbs like lemon grass may be added for additional fragrance.

Traditionally, nasi lemak is served with a platter of side dishes wrapped in banana leaves, including cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal). As a more substantial meal, nasi lemak can also come with a variety of other accompaniments such as ayam goreng (fried chicken), sambal sotong (cuttlefish in chilli), cockles, stir fried water convolvulus (kangkong), pickled vegetables (acar), beef rendang (beef stewed in coconut milk and spices) or paru (beef lungs). Traditionally most of these accompaniments are spicy in nature.

Nasi lemak is widely eaten in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, even as a dish served in Indonesian and Malaysian schools. Commonly a breakfast dish in both countries, it is normally sold at hawker food centres in Singapore and roadside stalls in Indonesia and Malaysia. It often comes wrapped in banana leaves, newspaper or brown paper, or it could be served on a plate. However, there are restaurants which serve it as a noon or evening meals, making it possible for the dish to be eaten all day. Nasi lemak kukus which means "steamed nasi lemak" is another name given to nasi lemak served with steamed rice.
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Sunday morning
coffee and nasi lemak
reading Siti Aishah
reunion with her sister
in London

- Shared by Mokhtar Sah Malik -
Haiku Culture Magazine, 2013

Emotional London reunion between Siti Aishah and long-lost sister

Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab promised her elder sister that she would go back in nine months time, donned the tudung that she gave her and said goodbye.
That is the memory that 73-year-old retired teacher Kamar Mahtum will bring back with her after the emotional reunion on Thursday night with her long lost sister, widely reported as being enslaved by a Maoist cult in South London for the past thirty years.

The 40 minute meeting, which was made possible with the help of the British police and the Malaysian High Commission here, was held at a secret place in London.

Met by the Malaysian media at Heathrow airport before her departure for Malaysia today, Kamar related how she sobbed loudly upon seeing her sister before telling off Siti Aishah for putting the family on an emotional trip over the past 45 years.

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- source : www.nst.com.my

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